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A tiny, open-source, 600-MHz, ARM-Cortex-M7 board with Wi-Fi & BLE connectivity, LuaJIT support, and an optional carrier board that turns it into a DIY computer

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EdgePro1 is a a tiny (32 x 16 mm) open source development platform that utilizes powerful hardware and state of the art firmware based on the POSIX compliant Real Time Operating System. The main advantage of the EdgePro1 is the full use of the LuaJIT interpreter to develop and execute programs written in the Lua scripting language. The LuaJIT interpreter uses just-In-time (JiT) techniques to approach the execution speeds of native C programming when possible.

Equipped with the U-Blox NINA-W102 communication module, EdgePro1 supports Wi-Fi and BLE communication. This communication module has powerful open CPU support for customized applications and a built-in antenna. An optional security chip, ATECC608A, is also available.


EdgePro1Teensy 4.0Portenta H7 Lite ConnectedPyboard D
Manufacturer EdgePro PJRC Arduino Pro George Robotics Limited
Microcontroller Cortex M7 Cortex M7 Cortex M7 Cortex M7
Clock600 MHz 600 MHz 480 MHz 216 MHz
FLASH4 MB + 8 MB 2 MB 2 MB + 16 MB 2 MB + 2 x 2 MB
RAM1 MB 1 MB 1 MB + 8 MB (SDRAM) 512 KB
WiFiYes No Yes Yes
BluetoothYes No Yes Yes
Onboard LEDs1 RGB Power LED only 1 RGB 1 RGB
GPIOs17 24 (40) 22 + (bottom conn.) 12 (24) + (bottom conn.)
USBUSB Micro B USB Micro B USB-C USB Micro B
Security ChipYes No Yes No
DC-DCYes No (LDO) Yes No (LDO)
DebuggingSWD No No (SWD bottom conn.) No (SWD bottom conn.)
Dimensions32.0 x 16.0 mm 35.6 x 17.8 mm 66.0 x 25.4 mm 33.5 x 23.8 mm
Open SourceHW + SW SW SW SW

Features & Specifications




Micro USB

Power Supply

User I/O



Enhance your EdgePro1 with the EdgeProMX DIY Computer Board

We will also be offering the EdgeProMX DIY computer board. It is a 231 x 132 mm PCB with through-hole technology and every footprint you need to build a complete DIY computer based on the EdgePro1. It has been specifically designed for easy home soldering.

The EdgeProMX footprint boasts easily identifiable areas to solder on your own 48-key mechanical ortholinear keyboard, a low-power sunlight-readable 400 by 240 monochromatic LCD module, a rotary switch, a toggle switch, exchangeable batteries, and a development area for prototyping. For debugging purposes a standard JTAG/SWD connector can be added as well.

We will be providing a full list of parts, where to get them, and a tutorial to help you build the DIY EdgePro1-based computer of your dreams with minimal difficulty and maximum fun.

Fully assembled EdgeProMX

Open Source

You can find the open source schematics and BOM for both boards in GitHub. You can also find a full project write-up on Hackaday. We will release the full KiCad projects including the layout of the boards upon completion of a successful campaign.

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Geeky Gadgets

"Developers looking for a tiny open source arm development board might be interested in the EdgePro1 featuring a 600-MHz, ARM Cortex M7."

PCBWay Community Blog

"[EdgePro1's] main advantage is to take full use of the LuaJIT interpreter to develop and execute programs written in the Lua scripting language. The LuaJIT interpreter gets as close to the execution speed of native C programming as possible..."


"A very powerful, very small development board!"

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