An 11.6-inch, 1366x768 touchscreen module with a 178° viewing angle and support for a wide range of single-board computers

Nov 15, 2023

Our Unique Design & Broad Compatibility Provide a Universe of User Experiences

We have designed a unique single-board computer (SBC) mounting structure behind CrowVision to ensure a clean and aesthetically pleasing desktop. This structure features adjustable sliding columns to perfectly accommodate most SBCs available on the market. We also understand the importance of cross-platform compatibility, which is why our team has dedicated significant effort to ensuring CrowVision seamlessly integrates with popular operating systems and devices. Read the full update.

Nov 01, 2023

Our Campaign Is Now Live!

CrowVision is a revolutionary touch-screen display that supports over a dozen different single-board computer (SBC) models. Perfect for professional developers, tech enthusiasts, and students alike, CrowVision provides native, hassle-free support for Windows, Android, MacOS, and Chrome OS. Read the full update.

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