An 11.6-inch, 1366x768 touchscreen module with a 178° viewing angle and support for a wide range of single-board computers

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Nov 15, 2023

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Our Unique Design & Broad Compatibility Provide a Universe of User Experiences

by Elecrow

We have designed a unique single-board computer (SBC) mounting structure behind CrowVision to ensure a clean and aesthetically pleasing desktop. This structure features adjustable sliding columns to perfectly accommodate most SBCs available on the market. Our design prioritizes a simple and convenient assembly experience, where users only need to secure the SBC to the back of CrowVision by tightening screws.

Recognizing the importance of a tidy desktop environment for work and study, our design also emphasizes functionality and aesthetics. With our carefully optimized mounting structure, you can easily maintain a clean desktop, allowing you to concentrate on your work and creative endeavors.

We understand the importance of cross-platform compatibility, which is why our team has dedicated significant effort to ensuring CrowVision seamlessly integrates with popular operating systems and devices. CrowVision is not only compatible with common operating systems such as Windows, Android, and Mac OS, but it also supports audio, video, and capacitive-touch functionalities. You can confidently plug and unplug our product without the need for additional settings or configuration, so you can start using it immediately. Our commitment is to provide you with a convenient plug-and-play experience, freeing you to focus on your work and entertainment without the inconvenience of compatibility issues.

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