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Extending Our Campaign Through October 1st

by Abdul Malik Khan

First off, we would like to thank our backers and everyone else who has supported iotSDR so far. Unfortunately, we were unable to put in the time, over the past several weeks, to keep you all informed about our progress by posting regular updates. As a result, and in consultation with Crowd Supply, we have decided to extend the campaign by another three weeks. We will now be crowdfunding through Thursday, October 1st.

Between now and then, we intend to publish a number of updates that provide detailed, technical information about iotSDR. This will likely include posts about:

  • Leveraging the Microchip transceiver to implement a text chat application using iotSDR's IEEE-802.15.4 PHY cores
  • A deep dive into the GNSS front-end chip
  • A tour of our open source software repository

Thanks again for the support. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions over the next few weeks!

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