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Feb 03, 2017

Project update 9 of 20

Second Stretch Goal Reached and Much More

In this update, celebrate and review the passing of the second stretch goal, give an update on firmware progress, show off our first user-contributed SCPI application, and give a video demo showing off the remote sense features.

Second Stretch Goal Reached!

Thanks to your support, the second stretch goal is now behind us! Now all EEZ H24005 units will come with an isolated USB port, USB and Ethernet input protection, and one MCU controlled relay with a push-in connector accessible from the rear panel. Both normally-open (NO) and normally-closed (NC) power contacts (up to 8 A, 230 VAC) will be exposed and bypassed with varistors (we’ll skip adding an RC snubber to make it more convenient for various AC and DC loads). Since all these new features require modification of the AUX power module, we also decide to redesign the fan controller section to decrease EMI by galvanically isolating it from the rest of the system.

Third Stretch Goal in Sight and Firmware Progress

In preparation for eventually reaching the third stretch goal, we’ve also finished a new revision of power board. In parallel, firmware development is making good progress along the lines of the encoder and triggering subsystem. Seeing is believing — you can keep tabs on progress in real time in our GitHub repository.

Open Source + User Contribution = :)

Thanks to EEVblog forum member voltsandjolts, the EEZ H24005 got its first third-party external SCPI controller application! Without having a real device, voltsandjolts used only our software simulator. We then gave the application a spin using one of our real prototypes and took video of the whole thing (no sound):

Video Demo: Remote Sense Makes Sense

Finally, in the latest video in our series you can find out why built-in remote sense make sense.

To see more videos, check out our YouTube channel.

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