EEZ H24005: Open Source Bench Power Supply

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EEZ H24005 modules: 1. Power boards, 2. AUX PS module, 3. Arduino shield

A free (libre) and open source (software and hardware) power supply that bridges the gap between DIY/hobbyists/education/low budget and commercial solutions. The EEZ H24005 is characterized by modular and compact design, broad capabilities, TFT color touch-screen display, and the included EEZ Software Simulator and EEZ Studio (a visual toolkit for GUI-based development). The EEZ H24005 is a maker and hacker friendly project that anyone can build and modify at home.

Features & Specifications (power unit)

  • No. of channels: 2 (isolated)
  • Voltage range: 0 - 40 V (10 mV step)
  • Current range: 0 - 5 A (10 mA step)
  • Max. power per channel: 160 W
  • Topology: Serial hybrid (switching pre-regulator with “100% duty cycle” capability, linear post-regulator)
  • Other channel’s features: Output enable, Down-programmer, remote sensing reverse polarity protection
  • Cooling: Fan (speed controlled with channel’s temperature sensors), passive heatsink on post-regulator’s power MOSFET
  • Local user interface: 3.2” TFT color touch-screen (resistive) display
  • Digital control: Arduino Due
  • Connectivity: USB, Ethernet
  • DAC/ADC resolution: 16-bit/15-bit
  • Input power control: AC power switch (rear panel), AC soft-start/stand-by, MCU DC power switch (front panel)
  • Other peripherals: Buzzer, RTC with supercap backup, EEPROM, opto-isolated V/F input (for battery NTC), SD card socket
  • Channel coupling: Serial (up to 80 V), Parallel (up to 10 A) using built-in power relays (no external wiring is required)
  • Remote/external voltage sense: Yes, using built-in signal relays (no external wiring required for default internal sensing)
  • Remote/external voltage programming: Yes, (protected, 2.5 V for full scale)
  • Digital I/O: 1 x input (protected, 3.3 and 5 V level logic)
  • AC power: 85-264 V / 47-63 Hz (autorange)
  • Dimensions: 293 mm (W) x 90 mm (H) x 272 mm (D)
  • Weight: 4.9 kg (10.4 lbs)

Thanks to EEZ Software Simulator (download it here!) one can evaluate all functionality and even start modifying existing or adding features into firmware (an Arduino sketch!) without having physical unit on disposal. The EEZ Software Simulator is cross-platform and can be compiled and run on Linux, Windows and OS X. It’s a great tool developed to simplify debugging and speed up development process.

Features & Specifications (firmware)

  • Development platform: Arduino IDE 1.6 or better
  • Local display GUI development: EEZ Studio
  • User profiles: 10
  • Output values programming interface: keypad, step, slider
  • Output mode: Standard, Low-ripple (CPU controlled)
  • Remote control: Yes, SCPI
  • Channel’s protection mechanisms: Over-voltage (OVP), Over-current (OCP), Over-power (OPP), Over-temperature (OTP), remote sense reverse polarity monitoring
  • System health monitoring: Fan failure, temperature sensors failure, channel’s Powergood status, internal temperature monitoring
  • Calibration: Voltage, Current (three points)
  • Channel coupling: Yes (serial, parallel)
  • Channel tracking: Yes (voltage, current, power, all protections and limits)
  • Date/time: Yes
  • Event logger: Yes (info, warnings, and error conditions)
  • Statistics: CPU and channel’s total/current working hours
  • Diagnostics: Self-testing, Fan, ADC measurements, Calibration, protection tripping

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