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Aug 12, 2016

Project update 29 of 75

AZERTY STM32F072 Keyboard

by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

Albert, who only joined the arm-netbook mailing list a few weeks ago, has been helping with the keyboard firmware. He’s very kindly made a short video of the STM32F072 running on firmware he wrote to provide AZERTY (French) keyboard support.

In an earlier update we mentioned how delighted we are to have someone contact us and actively contribute to the firmware, as this is precisely what this project is about. Albert has been bug-fixing and moving into part-optimisation of the keyboard firmware, as well as planning ahead for critical implementation of support for "shift" and "ctrl" modifiers. If anybody else would like to join in and help, these STM32F072-NUCLEO boards are not hugely expensive, and the amount of source code is very short and compact: you’re most welcome.

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