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Aug 18, 2016

Project update 30 of 75

FSF, FSFE, and Off-grid Living

by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

Hello! I have three bits of news for you.

FSF Endorsement

The FSF posted on their blog an endorsement of the Libre Tea Computer Card! My team and I been talking with the FSF for quite a while about the EOMA68 project and they’ve been instrumental in shaping the direction of the project. A detailed account of what that process has been like is coming in a future update. Stay tuned!

Deep Dive with Paul Boddie

Paul Boddie, a member of FSF Europe who has been a long-time independent supporter and sponsor of the project, had a health issue several weeks ago from which he is now partly recovered. Bless him but the first thing he does is write up an insightful summary of the the various criticisms and misunderstandings of both crowdfunding and the EOMA68 project. I’m immensely grateful he’s taken the time to address these issues.

Off-grid Living

Over the weekend Dr Tarrin Lupo, a commentator on off-grid living, came over to visit and very kindly did an in-depth interview about the project. Weather was great when he arrived, but quickly turned into an overhead thunderstorm with lightning strikes hitting only 100 meters away and flash-flood warnings, really driving home the point that we might be living off-grid sooner than anticipated!

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