An open source, Arduino-compatible RF signal generator with Wi-Fi connectivity

Sep 20, 2017

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ERASynth PCB Production in Progress

PCB Production

We submitted the gerbers for final prototype to our PCB manufacturer. It is currently getting produced. We had to modify the PCB stack-up slightly. Original stack-up was using Rogers RO4003C as substrate for RF layer. Hi-tech didn’t have RO4003C in stock. We changed RO4003C to RO4350B, which is a very similar substrate. Hi-tech will ship the PCBs around Sept 27th. We are expecting to receive them before Sept 30th. We already have all of the chips in enough quantities for a sample run, we will immediately start the assembly once we have the PCBs. We’ve already reserved our spot at the assembly house.

PCB Schematics and PC GUI Sources

We uploaded the PCB schematics and PC GUI sources to our Git-Hub repo. We will upload the firmware and web UI source codes in the coming weeks.

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