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ERASynths are in Transit!

We would like to thank to the fulfillment team at Crowd Supply for their prompt effort to ship the ERASynths. Some of you probably already received your ERASynth in the mail. We have several recommendations:

  • If you are going to use a power-bank to power ERASynth up, please use one with 5V of voltage and minimum 1.5A of current output.
  • Similarly, if you choose to power ERASynth with a cell-phone charger, use one with 5V of voltage and minimum 1.5A of current output.
  • Use a high quality and preferably short micro-USB cable to power ERASynth. Low quality cables may have large IR drops and ERASynth may not see sufficient voltage at its power input.
  • For Wi-Fi connectivity, ERASynth comes with a default operation mode of Hotspot, i.e., ERASynth creates a Wi-Fi network named ERASynth. The default password is erainstruments.
  • When using Hotspot mode with Apple devices, it takes too long to establish connection to the server inside the ESP Module. This is because of a single line of code and will be fixed in the upcoming firmware fix. For now, Apple users can fix it by assigning a static IP to their devices. If you are using an iPhone, your Wi-Fi settings screen should look similar to the following screenshot:

Assigning a static IP to iPhone

  • If you are going to use ERASynth in Station mode, please use a password with maximum 20 characters. Longer passwords do not work with the current firmware. We will take care of this issue in upcoming firmware fix.
  • ERASynth schematics, Arduino firmware, web and Windows GUI source codes, datasheet and user guide are all available on ERA Instruments GitHub repository.
  • The compiled version of PC GUI can be downloaded from Releases section of the GitHub repository:

We tested each and every ERASynth to make sure it works when you get it in the mail. Still, if you have any problems with your ERASynth, please let us know by creating an issue on our GitHub repository.

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250 kHz to 15 GHz RF Signal Generator with OCXO and TCXO



250 kHz to 20 GHz RF Signal Generator with OCXO and TCXO. Comes with a 15 to 20 GHz cavity filter.


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