An open source, Arduino-compatible RF signal generator with Wi-Fi connectivity

Dec 07, 2018

Project update 23 of 27

New Batch in Production

Hi All,

For those with outstanding backorders (or those who are still considering an ERASynth), we have a brief update on the current batch:

  1. Component assembly of the new batch of ERASynth is finished.
  2. Manufacturing the new metal enclosure of the ERASynth is ongoing and will be finished in two weeks.
  3. So, it seems we can deliver the new ERASynth units to Crowd Supply in (late) December, as we promised. Final shipping to you may slip into the new year due to transit times and the holidays.

We have some exciting news for the new batch. As a small token of thanks for the patience those currently waiting for their order, each ERASynth in the new batch will include:

  1. Power Supply (with EU to US adapter)
  2. Micro USB Cable (Anker PowerLine+ 0.9 m)
  3. Mini USB Cable
  4. SMA to Alligator Clip Cable (for ext. mod and trig input)
  5. Microphone
ERASynth in production
ERASynth in production
ERASynth enclosure
ERASynth enclosure
ERASynth enclosure: front and back

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