EspoTek Labrador: Five Powerful Lab Instruments. One Tiny, Open Source Board

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Aug 31, 2016

Week One Recap and Software Demo

So, a week ago the EspoTek Labrador launched on Crowd Supply. And what a crazy week it’s been!

First thing’s first - I’ve made a video demonstration of the software.
The software is possibly the best bit about Labrador - it’s really easy to use!

Check out the video and see for yourself.

Thanks to everyone who’s said hello (and I’d love to hear more; who are you and what do you do?).

And thanks to the over 200 pledges by people who were willing to pledge actual, cold hard cash. (You don’t get validation better than that!)

It’s an amazing feeling to know that people I’ve never met before, from the other side of the world genuinely care about my little project.

But now, it’s time for Labrador to spread further.

Any way you can spread the word will be greatly appreciated - be it through social media, a tip to a blog or a post on a forum.

I’ll be putting my head down, bum up, and trying to get eyeballs to the page for a while to come.

Lets see Labrador hit 100% by the next update!

Thanks once again to everyone who has supported Labrador. ~Chris

$22,963 raised

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Oct 20 2016

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Product Choices


Support the maker movement!

You will be simultaneously helping the Labrador project and maker movement grow. For every $20 raised through the “Support Now” button, a Labrador board plus microUSB cable will be sent to an organisation promoting STEM education and/or the maker movement.


Your very own Labrador!

You will receive a Labrador board, fully assembled with headers. All you need is your own microUSB cable and you’re ready to go! No soldering required.


Class Set

25 fully assembled Labradors, 25 MicroUSB cables, 25 breadboards and a selection of components to get your students started: there will be resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, op-amps, 555 timers, and LEDs! Perfect for teaching a class the fundamentals of electronics.


101 Labradors (we ran out of Dalmatians)

A huge pack of Labradors! Perfect for universities. Comes with 101 fully assembled Labradors, 101 microUSB cables, 101 solderless breadboards, and free shipping - a savings of over 40% compared to individual units. Hand these out like candy to first-year students and then watch their interest in electrical engineering grow!

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A new, Aussie startup created by a new, Aussie engineering graduate. Our aim is to bring technology to the world that allows everyone to create new things. Labrador is the beginning of this.

Chris Esposito

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