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A small, portable, USB-connected electronics lab-on-a-board that includes an oscilloscope, waveform generator, power supply, logic analyzer, and multimeter.

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EspoTek Labrador Software

Hi everyone.

Chris Esposito here, just sending a quick update regarding the status of the software for the EspoTek Labrador.

It looks like a fair few people have received their boards already and are wondering about software/documentation.

To cut a long story short, I had to change the board’s firmware at the last minute to fix the Android connection issues, which meant modifying the software interface to flash the new firmware. This was a lot harder than expected, especially on Android, and because of that the software is not in as perfect a state as I’d like.

  • On the Android build on Google play, the new firmware is not yet supported. It is supported in the GitHub builds, but I'd advise against building and running it since it will erase the old firmware but not flash the new one in its place. (Don't worry, this doesn't brick the board permanently.)
  • On Linux and Mac, the software will crash immediately after flashing the new firmware. Fortunately the firmware update only occurs once, hence it'll only crash the first time you run it.
  • On Linux only, the software will crash after about 500ms if it cannot detect the Labrador board. The current workaround is to simply connect the board before launching the software. If it's still not detecting it, run the following command in terminal and try again:

sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev

  • Windows doesn't have any known issues. :)

All of these issues are the current top priority and I plan to have them fixed by the weekend.
However, for those who are keen to try out their boards now, the software can be found here: Just keep in mind the information above.

Thanks once again,


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A new, Aussie startup created by a new, Aussie engineering graduate. Our aim is to bring technology to the world that allows everyone to create new things. Labrador is the beginning of this.

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