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May 08, 2017

Where we at?

Hi everyone. Just a quick status update:

  • The final payment and design were sent to the manufacturer a week ago (27th April). Shipping should take place by the end of the month, but the exact date depends on them.
  • Logistics is currently being finalised. Just need to send them the information and payment.
  • Software is rock-solid stable on Windows (32 and 64-bit) now but still missing a few features. Multimeter R/C measurement is still not implemented, although it was working in the Matlab prototype more than a year ago so should be easy enough to transfer. The serial decoding on the Logic Analyzer is still having some troubles at higher speeds, and only supports 8N1 or 8N2 UART signals between 300 and 115200 baud.
    • Mac and Linux are in a similar development stage to Windows, but crash if you disconnect and reconnect the device.
    • Android is similar to the Mac and Linux build (including with the crash), but the interface needs some prettifying. Mac, Linux and Android all subclass from the same driver object, so fixing the crash in one should fix it in all.
    • A full, single-.exe installer has been sorted out, an .apk has been compiled (but not signed), as has the .app. Any advice for releasing a .deb would be appreciated, as I’m not 100% sure how to handle libraries and modifications to the udev rules.

As always, if you have any questions, I’m available at And if you’re curious as to how the code is going along, it’s available at

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Product Choices


Support the maker movement!

You will be simultaneously helping the Labrador project and maker movement grow. For every $20 raised through the “Support Now” button, a Labrador board plus microUSB cable will be sent to an organisation promoting STEM education and/or the maker movement.


Your very own Labrador!

You will receive a Labrador board, fully assembled with headers. All you need is your own microUSB cable and you’re ready to go! No soldering required.


Class Set

25 fully assembled Labradors, 25 MicroUSB cables, 25 breadboards and a selection of components to get your students started: there will be resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, op-amps, 555 timers, and LEDs! Perfect for teaching a class the fundamentals of electronics.


101 Labradors (we ran out of Dalmatians)

A huge pack of Labradors! Perfect for universities. Comes with 101 fully assembled Labradors, 101 microUSB cables, 101 solderless breadboards, and free shipping - a savings of over 40% compared to individual units. Hand these out like candy to first-year students and then watch their interest in electrical engineering grow!

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