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Open source, modular, highly customizable robotics and automation platform

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Tobor is a fully featured robotic system that can fit on your desktop and is capable of helping you automate your workflow. Tobor (robot spelled backwards), was built to be the most versatile open-source robotics system, which can be customized endlessly to meet your automation needs. Easily combine robotic arms, motion platforms, sensors, actuators, and more to create your unique machine.

Automate your world with your own customizable assistant. Curated assembly line help, CNC design work, rapid prototyping, and more can be achieved with the help of Tobor’s modular ecosystem.
Tobor brings industrial-level resolution at .031 mm (.001 in) per step at full extension.

More than just a robot, we’ve created an ecosystem full of open source components that can be customized for almost any desktop automation.

Evezor's wide range of Edge boards

Unlock countless possibilities for Tobor by adding Evezor Edge Boards, designed to seamlessly integrate an extensive array of functions, spanning from sensors and actuators, to machine vision capabilities and more.

Tobor Toolhead Options

We’ve designed toolheads and accessories for a multitude of operations, including drawing, cutting, carving, milling, tools that grip surfaces, pick up objects, and place them precisely where you want them. To get you started, here are some of our introductory offerings:

Pen Plotter Toolhead

Tobor's pen plotter toolhead

Drawing pictures with robots is fun, and pen a paper is a great introductory material to work with. With the Tobor pen plotter toolhead, you can learn how to design efficient setups and familiarize yourself with work offsets and machine code. The Pen Plotter Toolhead comes standard with all Tobor.

Z-Stage Toolhead with 4th Axis and Suction Cup Toolheads

Tobor's Z-Stage toolhead with 4th axis and suction cup toolheads

A third and fourth axis allow you to rotate and move tools in the Z-direction. The Z-Stage toolhead comes standard with the micro-Z-stage assembly, PNP (pick-and-place) toolhead board with integrated vacuum pump, NEMA 11 stepper motor with hollow shaft, and a suction cup gripper.

Pick and Place Expansion Tool Heads

Tobor's PNP expansion kit

The Tobor Pick and Place expansion pack allows you to create your own PCB assembly line! Place your components with sub millimeter precision to create precisely assembled circuit boards. Tobor can work with PCB design files from Kicad, Eagle, Altium, and more!
The Pick and Place expansion comes with the SMT-nozzle, PNP Feeder Edge Board, Down-facing Camera Edge Board, two 8 mm Automatic SMT Feeders, and pairs with the Z-Stage Toolhead to create a complete PCB assembly setup.

A Variety of Programming Options with Tobor

Tobor was built with versatility in mind, and can be customized with a wide variety of processes. Read on to learn about the multitude of ways that you can program your Tobor.

Program Collaboratively with your Tobor

Replay Tobor sequences created in "collaborative mode". Tobor’s encoders allow for you to "record" manual movements, which can then be saved and replayed to build your program! Just move Tobor around with your hands to record the actions. Then hit replay and Tobor will automatically go through all saved positions (closed loop control). This is a great way to create many operations without the need for meticulous custom movement programming.

This "record" mode is also a great teacher to those not familiar with programming, computers or robots. By designing automation workflows with this feature, you can learn basic mechanical principles and gain a better understanding of how robots execute code.

Control your Tobor with a Game Controller

Tobor's game controller board

You can even move Tobor around with a game controller! Map buttons and joysticks to axes, actuators (grippers, vacuums, etc.) and subroutines.

This is another example of "learn by doing". Teach Tobor how you want it to move with a controller, and your Tobor will replay those recorded events.

Run any G-code Files from any Software

You can even run G-code from your favorite CAM software. Tobor can be programmed with a variety of CAD software like Autodesk, PrusaSlicer, Cura, Inkscape, Mastercam, and more! Tobor can interpret any G-code that has been exported to its specs, which can be customized within the existing CAD/CAM?? software.

Huge Work Area

Tobor's large work area

Tobor, with standard length toolheads, has a wingspan of 800 mm (31.5 in), giving a working area of over .5 m² (5.4 ft²). With a working surface area this large, it’s larger than the combined build areas of a Prusa MK4, an Ender 3 and a Tormach 770 mill.

Tobor’s Web Interface: Remote Monitoring, Control, and 3D Code Previewer

Tobor's 3D code previewer

Tobor comes with its own web interface, which lets you preview and refine your code in realtime to speed up the development stage. See a visual example of what your Tobor code will do, so you can edit your code before ever running it on your physical machine. You can also remotely monitor and control your physical Tobor through the same web interface, meaning you can interact with your Tobor in real-time even when you’re away from your Tobor! Control Tobor’s movements, create, and run routines all from the web interface. You can update the UI to display widgets for different toolheads.

Floe's web interface controls
Tobors GRBL web widget

Program with Kinematic Motion Control

You can directly send commands for joint positions. For example, you can set the shoulder to 45° and elbow to 90°, (this is forward kinematics), or send x,y,z coordinates (inverse kinematics) and Tobor will figure out what angles will set the joints to move to those positions. Tobor’s flexible programming environment allows you to program your Tobor with the process that works best for you.

Program With Python

Python is a fun and powerful programming language used by professionals and hobbyists alike, that is great for accomodating many programmatic styles, including robotics. Tobor is built with Python, and is one of our favorite ways to design automation systems. Use our library of Python scripts to program your Tobor’s actions. Learn more about programming with Python by using it in conjunction with Tobor’s other control options.

Want to stitch together routines created in "collaborative mode" and add more functions in the middle? You got it!

Want to run a difference series of G-code files based on the time of day or the temperature outside or any other variable? You can do that too!

Want to use the parts position file directly exported from Kicad to assemble your circuit boards? Go for it!

Want to do something we haven’t even thought of yet? Let’s do it! With Python, the possibilities are endless.

Program with Floe: the Drag & Drop Project Builder

screenshot of Floe's drag and drop builder

Introducing Floe, an intuitive browser-based interface designed to easily create and network your Tobor robotic system. Floe is a drag-and-drop programming environment that allows you to program your Tobor with no coding required!

Use Floe as a GUI Builder

Simply drag a GUI block on your Floe canvas and wire it up. That blocks element will then automatically show up in your machines web interface.
For example: to add printhead temperature monitoring, simply drag number elements onto your canvas to be able to set and read temperatures for a custom 3D printhead. Or add a button with your own text to start customized routines. Fast and easy GUIs help you debug quickly and create intuitive interfaces that everyone can understand.

Use Floe as a Machine Configurator

Floe is a powerful tool for linking together hardware devices. Do you want to add a scale to Tobor to pick up parts until there is a certain weight? Just add the Weight Sensor Edge Board and wire the blocks together with Floe. Traditional robotic solutions typically require manually connecting parts together with jumper wires and solder joints, often ending with "rat’s nest" and "spaghetti" wire messes. With Floe’s programming environment and Evezor’s Edge Networks, single digital connections and virtual wiring keep your projects easy to manage.

Create Your Own Code Blocks, and Share Them With Others

Along with easy routine development, Floe makes it easier to organize and deploy codebases that can run on multiple devices and machines simultaneously.

Floe creates "containers" of your developed code/routines that allows users to share, understand, and use code routines developed by other users.

We all know that sometimes a bit of simple code can handle very complex behaviors, so we would never take away the ability to view/modify the underlying Python code that runs your routines. When you pull back the covers, you’ll see that Python is running all the commands underneath the Floe GUI. Engage with the code as much or as little as you would like. Floe is built to be accessible to all skill levels.

Interactive Repl

Tobor's REPL prompt window

Play and test your robot/ machine/ creation in real-time with an interactive repl prompt. Quickly execute lines and blocks of code. Much like how the 3D viewer shows how a machine will move, a repl prompt is a direct portal to the underlying python runtime. Debug your hardware and software with a tight feedback loop. Increase your productivity by knowing your code works the way you think it should.

Tobor Robot Arm Features

Tobor's robot arm control board features

Proudly Open Source

All hardware and board files will be released by the end of the campaign with many others before and during. Current source files and other assets can be found in each device’s respective GitHub repository.

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