An easy-to-use tool for controlling I²C devices

Jan 08, 2019

Project update 3 of 6

Manufacturing Update

If you haven’t backed the I²CDriver campaign yet, it’s ending quite soon. So you have about 48 hours to back it, and be the first to get the I²CDriver and - if you like - associated goodies.

Running the campaign over the holiday break has meant that I haven’t posted proper updates. In between relaxing, I have been preparing for the manufacturing run, which is now just about to start. This is the test fixture for I²CDriver. Each PCB will be plugged into this by the manufacturer. In about 2 seconds it loads the I²CDriver’s firmware with a program that runs a set of self-tests, and shows the result on the screen.

Getting it constructed and sent over to the Boktech is a big milestone, necessary before they can start the manufacturing run.

Thanks for all your support - it’s going to be great getting I²CDriver into the hands of so many makers.

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