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Jul 02, 2020

Project update 4 of 10

Adding a Raspberry Pi Header

by Igor Levkov

We have added a 26-pin header similar to the one on a Raspberry Pi SBC. As a result, the Omega2+ Expansion Dock will now be compatible with most Raspberry Pi shields, including those that provide TFT, GSM, and relay functionality. (The new Raspberry Pi has a 40-pin header, but all of the primary pins—SPI, I²S, and UART—are within the first 26. Most shields only require access to those pins, so many 40-pin shields do not actually use the last 14 and will therefore work just fine with the Omega2+ Expansion Dock.)

All other pin headers will remain, but their location on the board will change. We will post a render of the updated board (and a new pinout diagram) soon!

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