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Sep 04, 2018

Project update 26 of 35

First 100 Units

The fab started shipping XTRX units to us

The most exciting picture of today:

This is a box with the first 100 units of XTRX we’ve received from the fab in our Boston office yesterday! Sergey and Andy are now busy preparing everything for automated testing so we can be ready to test hundreds of units quickly.

They’ve also completed manual testing of the essential functionality of one random unit from that batch to ensure that the fab didn’t make any mistakes when programming their assembly line. With no issues found so far, we can give the fab the green light to continue manufacturing the rest of the batch.

USB3 enclosure manufacturing timeline

We’ve just received an update from the fab we’re using for the USB3 enclosure manufacturing and it looks like shipping for orders with USB3 adapter will slip by a month (tentatively). Here is the timeline provided by the fab:

This means the fab will ship the enclosures to us no earlier than September 21st in the optimistic scenario. We will continue working with the fab to expedite the process but with the timeline, it looks like we’ll be able to start shipping orders with USB3 adapters (including the XTRX Delux Bundle) by the end of September or early October. We’ll keep everyone posted about the progress and any changes in this estimate. If you ordered an XTRX with a USB3 adapter and you need it urgently, please write to us and we’ll ship the XTRX to you first and ship the USB3 adapter later. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll ship everything together.

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