Felton & Mary's BBQ Sauces

Revitalizing BBQ sauces that made people in Portland smile for over 20 years

Nov 06, 2015

Project update 2 of 8

Stretch Goal Announced

We are at 85% towards our goal in just five days! If we reach our goal within the next couple of days here is what can happen that will make all of us really excited …

  1. We can begin moving into the production phase for the BBQ sauces and hopefully get them to you just in time for the holidays.
  2. We can add a stretch goal to reach $10,000 to help us produce the first full run of Felton & Mary’s signature spice rub. The flavorful spice rub is the bookend to the delicious BBQ sauce for any meal!

So please consider helping us reach our initial goal and then our stretch goal.

Many hands make light work – Felton Campbell Sr.

Founder & Steward
Felton & Mary’s Artisan Foods LLC

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