Felton & Mary's BBQ Sauces

Revitalizing BBQ sauces that made people in Portland smile for over 20 years

Dec 23, 2015

Quick Shipping Update & Many Thanks

Woosh! As we put down the bubble wrap and packing tape we want to once again tell you how much we appreciate your support of our startup artisan food company via your contribution towards our successful crowdfunding campaign. As of today we have shipped all our backers’ orders which should arrive within the next few days if all goes well with a busy holiday shipping schedule for the postal service. If for some reason your order doesn’t arrive by next week please let us know and we’ll look into. Read the full update.

Dec 14, 2015


Good news coming fresh off our successful campaign exceeding our goal by 62% raising $11,370 with pledges from 217 backers. We can’t thank you enough so we will continue to do so through fulfilling our commitment to put our delicious BBQ sauces in your hands before the holidays. Read the full update.

Nov 30, 2015

6 Days Left

Thank you for your support thus far and for spreading the word. With just a few days left on our crowd-funding campaign to bring our branded labeled BBQ sauces & spice rub to market. We are still $5,000 from our final stretch goal of $16,000 to build out our online store shipping and fulfillment space. This new space will make receiving future purchases from our soon to be open online store smooth and efficient for you. Getting you the products you love in a timely and consistent fashion. Read the full update.

Nov 25, 2015

Let's Cook This Turkey

There is so much to be thankful for in this update. As we enter the last ten days of our campaign we encouraged & grateful by your support even with one more goal to achieve. Read the full update.

Nov 16, 2015

Stretch Goal #2 Announced

Wow, we’ve gotten pledges from the Dominican Republic, Bay Area, CA, Brooklyn NY, Chicago, Seattle, WA, to Corvallis, Oregon. Now we have just one final stretch goal to meet to call this already great campaign remarkable. We need to build out our workspace that will be our headquarters to complete our order fulfillment & shipping for our soon to be launched online store. The cost to do this is $6,000 which will cover all the building materials and supplies. With your help and from those yet to pledge we believe we reach this in the remaining 19 days of this campaign. "Many hands make light work" – Felton Campbell Sr. Thanks in advance, Tory Campbell Read the full update.

Nov 12, 2015

Thank You!

Its official, with your help we’ve reached our initial goal of $7,000. Please take a moment and watch our quick thank you video. Read the full update.

Nov 06, 2015

Stretch Goal Announced

We are at 85% towards our goal in just five days! If we reach our within the next couple of days here is what can happen that will make all of us really excited … Read the full update.

Nov 04, 2015

60% in Three Days!

Wow! Its just day three and we are 60% towards our goal of $7,000. Can’t thank you enough for the community effort to support and share on social media our project to bring to market our branded label BBQ sauces. Read the full update.

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