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Pellicanus is an open source INS/GPS integrated navigation system designed to be a handy, accessible development board. It consists of 10 DOF IMUs, a GNSS receiver and a RP2040 processor. There are GPIO pins for sensor data input. By default, it includes the loosely coupled extended kalman filter and odometer. It gives you the system’s 3d vector velocity, 3d vector position, and orientation angles.

Pellicanus is not only a tactical level INS/GPS, it also comes with completely open source mathematical models, software and schematics. Also, the system sensitivity is at a level to compete with military systems on the market.

Pellicanus can be configured with only a few changes to fit where you want to install it. For example, it can be used in drones, unmanned land vehicles, agricultural systems, or even robotics.

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Open Source

Pellicanus is a tactical level INS/GPS and has completely open source mathematical models, software and schematics. We will provide documents that will make this system easy to learn. View in GitHub.

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"If you are searching for an easy way to add GPS navigation to your next project you may be interested in [this] new open source INS GPS integrated navigation system"

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