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Nectar Monitor

pH, conductivity, and temperature monitoring on a single, convenient board

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Nectar Monitor is an open-source pH, conductivity and temperature probe development board powered by an ESP32. It is easily programmable and customizable using the Arduino IDE. Designed for accuracy, stability and affordability, Nectar Monitor is loaded with features typically found in high-end pH and conductivity monitors.

Whether you are a beginner, enthusiast, or professional, the Nectar Monitor is incredibly easy to use. The included firmware allows anyone to read and monitor pH, conductivity and temperature in real time over your local Wi-Fi connection—all right out of the box. Alternatively, you can tap into one of the hardware (I2C & UART) or software APIs to tie into larger custom hydroponic automation or water analysis projects.

Enclosure & Peripherals

Nectar Monitor’s circuit board fits into a standard Polycase LP-61 project box and includes button and display pin connections so you can quickly and easily assemble your own device or integrate it into a custom automation project.

The optional Nectar Display Hat is designed to easily connect to the Nectar Monitor through the pin header. It includes 3 displays for pH, conductivity, and temperature, as well as status LEDs for the display scale, calibration state, ATC, and device status. It also includes buttons and pads so you can get up and running quickly with the Nectar Monitor.

Wi-Fi Enabled and Feature-Packed

The Nectar Monitor’s open-source firmware is loaded with professional features to make it simple to use right out of the box or customize for your use case.

Useful Anywhere There’s Water

The Nectar Monitor is suitable for a variety of industrial or hobbyist applications, including:

Hydroponic Cultivation and Automation

With Nectar Monitor’s real-time monitoring, you can achieve unparalleled control over your nutrient solutions, ensuring your plants thrive in the perfect conditions they deserve.

Aquarium Care

Transform your aquatic environment with precise water chemistry management. Nectar Monitor empowers aquarium enthusiasts to maintain ideal conditions for their aquatic life, ensuring a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Environmental Water Analysis

Whether it’s tracking the health of natural bodies of water, evaluating the impact of industrial discharge, or monitoring restoration efforts, the Nectar Monitor equips you with the data needed to gain valuable and actionable insights. Its ease of integration and broad probe compatibility make it an indispensable asset for field studies, laboratory research, and long-term environmental monitoring projects.

Features & Specifications

Nectar Monitor

Nectar Monitor Display Hat

Open Source

All of the codebase and hardware schematics will be available as open source once the initial Crowd Supply campaign ends on our Github

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