Open Source Modern Toothbrush

Nov 27, 2014

Thanks for your Support

Hello Goodwell Backers! Well, its Thanksgiving and we couldnt be more thankful to all of you for helping us making the Goodwell campaign a success. We raised 121% of our goal for a grand total of $15,162! Updates : As soon as we hit our goal, we immediately started production on all the parts of the kit. This week we received samples of the matte black and gold handles as well as the final pil... Read the full update.

Nov 11, 2014

Discounts for All!

Hello Goodwell Backers! Today is a great day, we have negotiated a variable pricing structure with all of our manufacturing partners and we are pleased to let you know there will be a $10 price decrease in our retail price across all offerings! What does this mean for you? Well, first off, you get 10 bucks back without needing to do anything (your credit card hasnt yet been charged, secondly ... Read the full update.

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