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At Goodwell, we’re designing the modern oral toolkit to fit your life. A toothbrush that lasts, looks great, and can be an asset to your everyday routine.

Most toothbrushes today are all the same. They are made by huge corporations, mostly out of over molded plastic, and they get tossed in the garbage every other month or so. They’re designed to be sold cheap and disposed of just to turn around and buy another and do the same, we call this planned obsolescence and it’s got to stop.

At Goodwell, we’re designing the modern oral toolkit to fit your life. A toothbrush that lasts, looks great, and can be an asset to your every day routine. Our toothbrush is a supremely minimal and has a modern aesthetic with a sustainable platform that the toothbrush market today is missing. Sustainable because it is made of materials that last but also because it’s lifecycle is literally a lifetime, unlike traditional toothbrushes that you throw away 2-4 times a year.

By the Numbers

Natural Aluminum finish handle and compostable toothbrush attachment only.

Premium Kit: Natural Aluminum finish handle and compostable toothbrush, flosser, tongue scraper, and carrying case.

Binchotan Toothbrush Biodegradable Attachment 3-pack

Features and benefits of the Goodwell

  1. It’s a premium toothbrush,flosser, and tongue scraper - all in one

  2. It’s made with Medical grade aluminum, polished bamboo composite, Charcoal bristles made from Binchotan - a fiber helps to deflect negative ions, has a powerful deodorizing effect, removes plaque and attacks the causes of bad breath. It also helps to prevent harmful bacteria and viruses from growing in the brush bristles.

  3. A subscription to our premium delivery service. Each month we will send you a new attachment to your kit, along with another product of our rotating collaborators.

  4. It also comes with a washable, robust carry case so you can take your kit everywhere you go.

  5. Open source cad - we are releasing the cad data for the proprietary attachment to our users. This means that Goodwell users will have free reign to design and develop their own attachment parts and share their ideas with us and our community.

  6. We’ve also designed an open-source data tracker to track your oral activities. If you love to gather data, program, or engineer applications this option is for you.

  7. And lastly it comes with a life of the product guarantee, we want this to be the last toothbrush that you will ever need.

Manufacturing Plan

We’ve teamed up with the most talented and experienced shops around Oregon and beyond to ensure quality and craftsmanship. The aluminum core handle will be CNC’d, texturized and anodized here in Southeast Portland, Oregon. The plastic parts will be injection molded in a shop an hour away from Portland. The Binchotin Carbon Fibers will be from Japan. The PCB for the brain fabrication will be initially made in Oregon and eventually outsourced depending on quantity an demand. We have an established supply chain for all of the component parts and are ready to start production as soon as we are funded.

Risks & Challenges

We are confident with our plan but as with any multi-faceted production, there is risk involved. We are big on standards, so if we do not approve quality there will be a delay in our projected schedule. This is best for all parties involved and mostly important to the end user, you.

Outsourcing contract work in general is another risk/challenge. If one of our contracted manufactures has a delay it will inevitably delay our schedule. We will do our best to keep all of our backers up to date on schedule and ETAs.

Why we need you

For the past 8 months we’ve been testing and refining the Goodwell product line. The manufacturing plan is ready, and we are all set to pull the trigger! Your generous funding will assist with the cost of tooling, the first manufacturing and production run, and distribution - and more importantly, placing a brand new Goodwell in your dirty mouth! We will also be using the funding to expand the Goodwell family, customizations and accessories. In order to bring this to life, we need your support! Goodwell needs pledging, but more importantly, it needs interest! So please take a moment and click on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links on this page, put it out there, and lets get this product funded!

Why $12,500? Because our company is based on honest and trust, we have listed a breakdown of the costs involved in order to move forward. We have calculated our pledge goal at $12,500, representing the minimum amount we need to bring the Goodwell to life. this amount not only covers all production costs for the plastic parts and premium aluminum parts, but allows use to implement a sufficient network of quality control to ensure all units meet our standards.

The breakdown: $7,500: 3 x custom injection molding tools, fulfilling minimum orders from the manufacturer and shipping. $3,000: silicone tool for the carry case, fulfilling minimum orders from the manufacturer and shipping. $2,500: data tracker pod development and initial qty production.

Open Source Cad

We are releasing the CAD data containing our proprietary screw thread to our users as a foundation to create something of their own. This means that Goodwell users will have free reign to design and develop their own attachment parts and share ideas with us and our community. We are excited to see what you guys come up with, go bananas!

you will receive a download key to unlock this part to use as a foundation to build your own attachments. Below is an example of making chopsticks from the screw foundation part.

Be Prepared

While in our research and development phase, we noticed most people loved the idea of a little storage space .The handle of our design can hold everyday items such as: dollar bills, toothpicks, Aspirin, matches and much more.

Bamboo Composite

We decided to make all of our attachment parts out of a bamboo composite material. This allows Goodwell users to simply toss the old attachments parts in the garbage without the guilt of polluting or even bury them in your yard or garden. All of the parts, including the binchotan fibers are biodegradable.

In the Press

Slate Logo


"The brush has a sober design … that is a far cry from your average fluorescent plastic toothbrush design."

Engadget Logo


"even with a $79 subscription for replacement parts that’s still cheaper than Oral B’s SmartSeries."

Fastco Design

Fast Co. Design

"A Toothbrush Designed To Last A Lifetime."

Ubergizmo Logo


"if you’re after something a little more hi-tech, perhaps Goodwell’s crowdfunded smart toothbrush could be the job done."

Next Power Up Logo

Next Power Up

"The toothbrush is capable of tracking oral health habits"

Pocket-lint Logo


"one of the original goals for such a toothbrush was to eliminate the 12 pounds of plastic each person throws away in their lifetime"


"a tooth kit which is not only made from natural and sustainable products; it’s also guaranteed for life."


"There are many ways in which people produce unnecessary waste on a daily basis, Goodwell addresses one of them."



"the sustainably-designed toothbrush component of their oral care system is really what makes Goodwell stand"


SELF Magazine

"Is This the Last Toothbrush You’ll Ever Need?"


"Eco-friendly consumers can now put their money where their mouth is."

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Produced by Goodwell in Portland, OR.

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The Goodwell Company believes in honest design, our philosophy is simply stated : better is better than more.

Patrick Triato


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