A tool to explore optical data transmissions and covert channels

Mar 27, 2018

Project update 4 of 7

Mission Accomplished

Hi everyone-

Hooray! We’re fully funded! That means we can build some units!

Just yesterday, Alex Glow from Hackster.io made a live unboxing and demonstration video of OpticSpy. I sent her my original prototype earlier in the campaign to check out and I’m glad I did :)

A quick clarification about the video: The photodiode we’re using approximates the spectral response of the human eye, meaning it can detect visible light better than other photodiodes. This is exciting, since you can send secret messages from a typical LED of any color and OpticSpy will be able to see it! It is quite sensitive to infrared (IR), as well, allowing us to support a wide range of wavelengths.

As the campaign comes to an end, I’m starting to prepare for production. Our manufacturer, e-Teknet, is ready to go and my component shopping carts are loaded. I’ll update the final quantities over the weekend and place the orders on Monday.

Stay tuned for another update in about a week!


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