A simple, battery-powered, pocket-sized, open-source parts counter for 8-mm cut tape and partial reels

Sep 09, 2022

Project update 6 of 10

We did it!

by Nick P

Thanks to all of your support, the BeanCounter campaign just finished out at almost 3X our original funding goal. I’m totally blown away, but before I get too mushy about it, let’s talk about what happens next. Currently, production prototypes are en route to me from my partners at PCBWay and they look great! After I assemble the prototypes and ensure that everything is working the way it’s supposed to, I’ll submit the campaign fulfillment order! While PCBWay is working on the SMT assembly, our friends at Wenext will be busy printing the resin chassis assemblies. It’ll take a few weeks to get everything under my roof, so while I’m waiting on parts I’ll be coordinating with a pre-cert lab to get some basic EMC/EMI testing on the BeanCounter. Assuming that all goes to plan, I’ll be able to write my CE and UKCA Declarations of Conformity so that BeanCounter has no problems getting to our UK and Europe customers. This is also a good time to order packaging, stickers, and printed instruction inserts so that everything will be collected and ready for final assembly.

Final assembly is the last big push to the finish. I’ll be single-handedly assembling, programming, testing and packaging all of the BeanCounter units. Once I have the full order assembled, I’ll pack it (carefully) and ship it off to Crowd Supply so they can mail them off to you!

Every step of the way I’ll continue to post updates to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. Once again, we’re targeting the end of March 2023 but if that should change for any reason you all will be the first to know. Also, if you missed out on getting a BeanCounter during the funding campaign, fear not, they will continue to be available from Crowd Supply. Sadly, this is the end of early bird pricing, so expect to pay just a tad more (we still think it’s a pretty good deal)

Thank you all and I’ll be in touch with cool manufacturing update photos!

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