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Nov 28, 2022

Project update 14 of 26

New Delivery Date

by Straithe

With almost every project, delays tend to happen. LUNA is no different. In good news, we have received all of the components needed for LUNA. In not-so-good news, we have not been as lucky in gathering components for the other products at Great Scott Gadgets. Over the last couple of months, we’ve had to move our head hardware designer (Michael Ossmann) from the LUNA project and onto redesigning some of our other hardware so Great Scott Gadgets can continue to exist through this chip shortage. The result is that we are behind on redesigning LUNA to accommodate the larger FPGA, as discussed in a previous update.

As of now, we have three more hardware revisions we need to complete for LUNA. Revision 0.5, with the original FPGA, has some bug fixes that need to be completed. Then, revision 0.6, with the new FPGA, needs to be started, tested, and finalized. Lastly, revision 1.0, the one we will send out to all of you, needs to be started, tested, and finalized. In the best-case scenario, revision 1.0 will be only a relabeling of revision 0.6. Along with hardware redesigns, we also need to design a slightly bigger case to accommodate the bigger LUNA board and build a test jig that will be used to test the quality of LUNAs built by our manufacturer. We expect these hardware tasks to take three months to complete. Following our hardware work, we will be manufacturing LUNA and shipping it out to you. The manufacturing and shipping processes are expected to take three months.

Altogether, our current delay in getting LUNA to you is another six months. This puts LUNA in your hands in June 2023. We are very sorry about this delay. Every week that we were working on keeping Great Scott Gadgets going, we thought “this is the last week of non-LUNA hardware, we’ll be back to LUNA hardware next week”, but new chip shortages and other roadblocks continued to appear. As soon as those issues were overcome, we reviewed our timeline and wrote you this post. We thank you very much for your patience and continued support as we work to get LUNA into your hands.

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