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May 25, 2018

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OpenStack Explorations

The OpenStack platform is made up of many components that together allow service providers and enterprises to deploy highly scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service, with advanced capabilities for managing computation, networking, storage, orchestration, and much more.

With Circumference, we hoped to create something that would prove useful to developers and users of complex cloud platforms such as OpenStack, in facilitating development, testing, and learning — via a convenient, eminently affordable, and highly integrated desktop solution.

So, as you can imagine we were delighted when Chris Dent, a developer at VMware and a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee who, amongst other things, works on Nova Compute, got in touch to say that he’d love to try putting a Circumference system to use in OpenStack-related experiments.

It’s still early days, but Chris has so far succeeded in installing devstack, a small OpenStack cloud, on a Circumference 25 and then setting up a Raspberry Pi compute node with a hypervisor. He’s discovered a few issues that will need addressing in the stack and notes that, “Discovering and resolving these kinds of issues is an excellent way to evolve OpenStack and makes the Circumference a useful tool”. Which is great to hear!

For further details and to find out what he plans to take a look at once he returns from the OpenStack Summit, see Chris’ blog post, Circumference 25 Beta.

Andrew and the Circumference Team

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