A small, open source e-paper display that is updated and powered wirelessly via NFC

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Project Backers

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Graham B
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Dan P
Denver, CO

Evan B
Hoboken, NJ

Evan R
Seattle, WA

milton m
Austin, TX

Stephan L
Uppsala, Sweden

Danny L

Tue Hellstern
Snekkersten, Denmark

Marc S
Mainz, Germany

David H
Arlington, TX

Igor M
Brooklyn, NY

Los Altos, CA

Austin, TX

Eric H
Pleasanton, CA

Sreepathi P
Rochester, NY

Don W
Astatula, FL

Jeff B
Sioux Falls, SD

Philip R
Auckland, New Zealand

Waterloo, Canada

Alex R
Joondanna, Australia

brian a
Garden Grove, CA

Brett S
Springfield, IL

Evan D
Jamaica Plain, MA

Rory M
Concord, MA

Graham G
Darlinghurst, Australia

Crowd Supply
Portland, OR

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