A small, open source e-paper display that is updated and powered wirelessly via NFC

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HiPo is a 3.52-inch electronic paper display module the size of a business card. Content is uploaded via NFC though a handy app. No batteries required. The development board can compile different display functions through editing the code.

NFC is used to transfer text or images to the e-paper display. Also, HiPo does not require batteries as is powered by that same NFC during transmission. This is possible because electronic ink technology can be displayed on a screen almost permanently, without an onboard battery. HiPo can be used as a badge, label or daily sticky note, as well as any other clever application you come up with.

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Features & Specifications

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Open Source

Find open source schematics, code and datasheet in our GitHub repository.

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In the Press

Geeky Gadgets

"[E]lectronic ink technology can be displayed on a screen almost permanently, without an onboard battery. Making the HiPo perfect for a wide variety of different applications."

Good E-Reader

"A unique feature... is that there are no batteries involved. Rather, the display gets the power it needs for its operation via NFC during the data transmission process."

About the Team

Guangdong SID Technology Co.

Dongguan, Guangdong, China  ·  GDSID

Our Mission: Research and develop an electronic paper display module. Promote and introduce electronic paper displays and end products to more people. Provide a solution for the terminal application of electronic paper displays.

Junye Guo

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