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Apr 24, 2023

Project update 26 of 30

Free Windows 11 Pro (Activated) Upgrade!

by Jon Prove

Dear Crowd Supply backers,

We have commenced kitting the 4 GB Linux versions. We had a small hiccup with the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS, so we’re now upgrading all Windows 10 Pro board orders to Windows 11 Pro for free! That being said, we have a small amount of work to do to the Windows 11 Pro BIOS, so that should only delay us about one week. Everything else related to the 4 GB RAM Linux and Windows boards are otherwise on-track.

We have been working on the Windows image with support from Microsoft, and we have agreed to update the image fully to Windows 11 Pro (activated) This is a huge benefit to all our Windows users and widely welcomed as it offers significant benefits over the previous edition, including TMP security and Linux using a window in the desktop.

For our Linux users, you will be required to enter a username and password when booting your Hackboard for the first time. This will also be well documented in the packaging, but we thought we’d provide it here for convenience:

Username: hackboard
Password: HB2

Getting started and kitting has been a huge effort this week: pulling together all the parts, avoiding the bumps in the road, and making sure we have all the correct quality and testing procedures in place to ensure a quality product  that exceeds customer expectations. We would like to thank you all for your continued support and will keep you updated as we progress further.

Our primary goal is to start shipping as soon as possible, and we expect to start the partial shipments with the 4 GB RAM boards, followed by the 8 GB RAM boards soon after.

From there, the kits will follow about a month or so after we begin shipping the initial boards. We expect to start shipping the boards by the end of April to Crowd Supply, and from there we will ship batch orders out as fast as possible.

Again, thank you all for your patience. We really do appreciate it and you all have been our primary motivation to persevere over the past several (supply chain and Covid-constrained) years.

Best regards,

The Hackboard Team

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