Hackboard 2

A powerful & affordable Windows 10 Pro SBC with optional 4G or 5G connectivity

Jun 07, 2023

Project update 27 of 30


by Jon Prove

Dear Crowd Supply backers,

We expect the initial production run to be completed by June 16th and we are shipping some products to Crowd Supply as we speak. The first 100 units will ship to Crowd Supply’s warehouse within the next week, and we’ll continue to ship each week until we’ve completed all board shipments to Crowd Supply. For those of you who ordered any variety of Hackboard and cases, we expect shipping confirmation emails with tracking numbers to go out to you by July 15th. If needed, please contact Crowd Supply to change your address.

Up Next: Kits & Accessories

The harsh supply chain conditions of the last few years have forced us to focus on only a few SKUs at a time. Now that the initial run of Hackboards is nearing completion, we’re turning our attention to kits and other accessories. We’ll keep you posted as a delivery schedule firms up, but right now we expect anyone who ordered kits and other accessories to receive their order no later than the middle of August. We are going to work to move this forward as much as possible.

RTC Batteries

To expedite shipping, via air freight, we are not allowed to ship any boards with the RTC clock battery as originally intended. The boards can function without this battery, but to enjoy the benefits of the RTC (i.e., keeping system time even when powered off), we recommend that you use a CR927 3 V lithium battery, which are available for less than $0.40 per battery when purchased in a five-pack.

Thank you for your patience and support as we round the last bend and have the finish line in sight. Of course, delivering Hackboard 2 to you, our first backers, is just the start of another epic journey. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Best regards,
The Hackboard Team

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