Hackboard 2

A powerful & affordable Windows 10 Pro SBC with optional 4G or 5G connectivity

Nov 29, 2023

Project update 30 of 30

Shipping Kits & Modems

by Jon Prove

Note: This update was meant to go out in mid-October, but was delayed due to a backlog at Crowd Supply.

Dear Crowd Supply backers,

I hope everyone is in good health and spirits. I have a few updates to share with you regarding kits, modems, M.2 slots, and HDMI audio.

  1. (Updated November 24th.) The first and only shipment of Hackboard kits (starter and comlete) and modems (4G and 5G) is on its way to Mouser's warehouse. We booked collection with Mouser on October 19th at our facilities in China. The stock was available a few days before Mouser actually collected on October 27th. It was loaded onto a cargo ship on November 16th with an estimated time of arrival in Dallas, TX on December 15th. Mouser will begin to ship out to backers once they have received the kits and modems into their facility a short distance from Dallas. We expect kit and modem orders to ship before the end of the year, but please keep in mind that now that the goods have been picked up we have no control over them. With this shipment of kits and modems, all crowdfunding orders will have shipped.
  2. There was some confusion over the M.2 slots on the board. There are two M.2 slots on the board, but one has been engineered specifically for a 4G/5G cellular modem module. The other slot is for storage (up to 4 TB). We will look into sourcing an adapter for the dedicated 4G/5G M.2 slot so it can be used for other needs such as storage.
  3. We are working on a solution for audio via HDMI for both OSs. The root of the problem was a shortage of Analog Devices chips, but thankfully the Intel chip has embedded digital sound, which can be accessed through the Intel Bluetooth.

Lastly, we’d love if you all joined our Discord community. We’re just getting started and we’re eager to bring you all together to share best practices and experiences for Hackboard and perhaps to even spark some new projects or even products that you might want to bring to market. We’re here to help!

We will continue to update you all as we make more progress. As always, please do not hesitate to write us at: Support@Hackboard.com if you have any questions or need assistance.

The Hackboard Team

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