Hackboard 2

A powerful & affordable Windows 10 Pro SBC with optional 4G or 5G connectivity

Jan 11, 2021

Project update 3 of 30

Stretch Goal & Linux Version

by Jon Prove

We’d like to thank everyone for their support and interest in Hackboard 2, especially the Linux version. The Linux-only version was originally only going to be available during the campaign, but thanks to the greater-than-expected interest and at the urging of several backers, we’ve found a way to continue offering a Linux version after the campaign. The catch is that at the end of the campaign, we’ll either be increasing the price or removing some of the included accessories (e.g., power supply). With that said, time is running out to secure your Linux-only version of Hackboard 2 with all the bells and whistles at the introductory price of $99! To give people a bit more time to take advantage of that offer, and in consultation with Crowd Supply, we’ve extended the campaign by a few days to this Sunday, January 17, 2021. This extension doesn’t impact our scheduled delivery dates.

To celebrate a successful campaign and push it even further, we are also offering a stretch goal giveaway. If the campaign exceeds $100,000 by the time the campaign closes on Sunday, then every Hackboard 2 sold during the campaign, whether individually or as part of a kit, will include a FREE GPIO adaptor that will allow you to use Raspberry Pi HATs with Hackboard 2! Thanks again for all of your support.

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