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Feb 01, 2024

Project update 6 of 7

Backers' Questions Answered

by vileer d

As we approach the final moments of our exclusive campaign, we want to remind you that now is the best time to secure your very own Pi-Cast KVM at an unbeatable price. It’s your last chance to make the most out of our special discount offer – don’t let it slip away!

Since the launch of our project, we’ve received numerous questions from our community. To ensure you don’t have the same queries lingering in your mind, we’ve compiled and are now releasing a list of the most frequently asked questions. We hope this helps clarify any doubts and provides you with the information you need.


Q: Can the onboard USB-C Ethernet port support external USB network cards for internet access?

A: No, the onboard USB-C Ethernet port can only be used as a USB device and cannot connect to other USB devices. It can only be connected to devices like computers or tablets.

Q: How can the base model connect to the internet and install software without Wi-Fi?

A: Network-sharing technology can be used to share an existing network connection from a computer to the onboard USB-C network card interface. This technology supports Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Q: How is the device powered?

A: For all models, power can be supplied through an independent Type-C power interface and a USB-C network interface. When both interfaces are connected, the source with the higher voltage will be selected for power. Models with a hat or a KVM switch can also be powered via PoE.

Q: Does the HDMI1 port support loop-out?

A: Yes, software to support this feature is being developed and will be released before the final shipment.

Q: Are tailscale VPN and zerotier supported?

A: Yes, they are supported. Tutorials will be posted on our website before shipment.

This is your chance to grab the Pi-Cast KVM at a discounted price and revolutionize your tech setup. Don’t let this opportunity pass by – act now before the campaign ends!

—Vileer and the rest of Hacker Gadgets team.

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