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Jan 18, 2024

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Non-KVM Applications for Pi-Cast KVM

by vileer d

Although Pi-Cast KVM is designed for IP-KVM applications, it has the potential to do more. Below are some projects based on the Raspberry Pi and HDMI-to-CSI module that employ the same hardware approach as the Pi-Cast KVM.


NS-Remote is a project that lets you play games on Nintendo Switch remotely. It requires a Nintendo Switch (naturally), a Nintendo Switch Dock, Raspberry Pi 4B, HDMI-to-CSI module, and necessary cables. You can use Pi-Cast KVM to replace the Raspberry Pi 4B and the HDMI to CSI module in this setup. Be aware though, this project was developed on Raspbian. So, some porting work will be required to make it run on the newest Raspberry Pi OS. I may port it to the newest Raspberry Pi OS in the future, when I have time, but my top priority is shipping Pi-Cast KVM to backers on time.

FPV Projects

These projects use CSI cameras for their video link, but if you want to use cameras with HDMI output like DSLR cameras and action cameras, then Pi-Cast KVM is what you are looking for.

I can’t wait to see what non-KVM projects you all come up with once you get your hands on Pi-Cast!

Vileer and the rest of Hacker Gadgets team

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