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A kite-balloon offering quiet, long-term flight for videography, communications, and meteorology.

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Production Prototype Video & Flight

After taking Airpup out for some flight testing, I recorded another studio update video, along with flight video. Read the post on my blog, as well as other posts on the Airpup journey.

After a variety of delays, detailed in my previous studio update videos, I’ve finally finished the production prototype of Airpup and have done a solid test flight.

My studio update:

My flight was rather gusty and it was hard to keep Airpup in the frame, so this video is a bit fragmented. I explain a bit more about the conditions in my studio update, but overall I was very pleased with Airpup’s performance.

The glistening threads are [ballooning spiders]( whose migration was cut short by my kite line. My sincerest apologies to these awesome arachnids.

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Winder, Line, & Safety Gloves

Premium cut-resistant driving gloves made from goatskin lined with woven kevlar. Get smooth motions while protecting your hands. A wooden winder with 500' of braided Dacron line. Made in the USA from sustainably sourced birch plywood. Braided white dacron line made in the USA by Shanti Kites.


Head Full of Air LLC

Mathew Lippincott created Head Full of Air LLC to further his passion for low-cost kite and balloon flight systems and open hardware. Through Head Full of Air, Mathew has created learning resources for NSF- add NASA- funded educational projects as well as led public workshops.

Mathew Lippincott

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