Quiet, Long-duration Flight

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Airpup is a small kite balloon that can stay up for days, offering new possibilities in videography, communications, and meteorology.

Airpup can safely and legally fly where drones can’t— city parks, national parks, above the 400’ limit— no registration required.

Silently, Airpup follows you on tether, capturing audio and video without the drone of a propeller.

Airpup can be packed into a backpack or transported inflated in a truck or SUV, offering a new level of portability over existing balloons.

Airpup can fly in winds up to 20mph and lift payloads of 250-500g, depending on altitude and duration.

Tow Airpup behind a vehicle. Walk Airpup around an event. Hike Airpup into a remote valley.

Airpup can fly:

  • cameras
  • weather stations
  • wireless communications
  • pollution sensors
  • whatever you like

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