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A kite-balloon offering quiet, long-term flight for videography, communications, and meteorology.

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Winders and Back to Work

My back has been feeling better and am back to working on Airpup and doing video updates. A special thank you to everyone who sent me personal messages, exercises, and well-wishes. That really meant a lot to me.

In my latest update, I discuss shifting balloon envelope production from the now-defunct Blimpworks to Arizona Balloon Works, which should allow me to open pre-orders back up soon.


I want to highlight the string winders, complete with new illustrated instructions on a tag.

All string/glove backers have received their winders. If you have pre-ordered an Airpup with string and want the string shipped now, please get in touch.

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Head Full of Air LLC

Mathew Lippincott created Head Full of Air LLC to further his passion for low-cost kite and balloon flight systems and open hardware. Through Head Full of Air, Mathew has created learning resources for NSF- add NASA- funded educational projects as well as led public workshops.

Mathew Lippincott

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