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A Wi-Fi-enabled, live-codable LED controller with a web-based development environment

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Better International Shipping Options and Awesome Pixelblaze V3 Project Examples

by Benjamin H

Better International Shipping Options

When the campaign launched, the international shipping options for Pixelblaze were designed around orders with only one item. It quickly became apparent that a lot of people outside the US wanted more than one item, and that the associated international shipping fees quickly ballooned out of proportion. I’m happy to report that, in collaboration with Crowd Supply, we’re now able to offer a much more attractive international shipping scheme.

Basically, international orders will have a \$10 flat shipping fee, up to several dozen items. For international backers who have already placed an order and paid more than \$10, your shipping fee has been adjusted to \$10 and the difference refunded!

You can check the status of your order in your Crowd Supply account.

Made with V3

In addition to all the awesome projects that have been made with Pixelblaze V2, here are a few projects that have put evaluation/pre-production V3s to work:

Volumetric Cube

Here’s a quick demo/intro to the volumetric cube build at ElectroMage HQ

Build details:

  • 64 strings of 8 WS2811 5V LEDs
  • 3D printed diffusers/clips
  • 8 Output Expanders - 64 channels total
  • Pixelblaze V3 Standard
  • Sensor Expansion
  • 20A 5V power supply
  • Wood panel and frame

2020 Miss Jie Couture Collaboration

An awesome wearable powered with Pixelblaze V3 Pico!

Preproducton Verification and Prep

Winter is coming, though it kind of feels like it’s already here! To keep warm, we’re firing up the soldering forge and preparing for the campaign! We’ve already made a handful of panels to verify everything, and are currently sourcing PCBs and parts for a starter run.

About the Author

Benjamin H

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Product Choices


Pixelblaze V3 Standard

The Pixelblaze V3 Standard comes with a solderable pin header and screw terminal


Pixelblaze V3 Pico

Due to its tiny size, the Pixelblaze Pico does not come with solderable headers. You don't need them!


Pixelblaze Sensor Board

Use sound, movement, light, and more to control your Pixelblaze with this add-on. Comes with two solderable terminal headers


Pixelblaze Output Expander

Give Pixelblaze 8 outputs and simplify wiring and power distribution, up to 64 outputs in a single system. Drive any combination of WS2812/APA102 type LEDs and up to 800/600 pixels per output. Comes with three header terminals and one screw terminal, all solderable.


8x8 LED Matrix

Made in-house right alongside the Pixelblaze, this 67.5 x 67.5 mm (about 2.7" square) LED Matrix is perfect for interesting little projects, perhaps even...an LED cube? Comes with one solderable 15 cm wired header.


Hencke Technologies

Hencke Technologies, Inc. is the company behind the ElectroMage and Pixelblaze product lines. We are a product design and manufacturing company in Vancouver, WA that specializes in LED and IoT technology.

Benjamin Hencke

CEO of many hats

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Production Specialist

Jeff Vyduna

Pixel Enchanter

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