Pixelblaze V3

A Wi-Fi-enabled, live-codable LED controller with a web-based development environment

Nov 24, 2020

Project update 3 of 11

[Video] Playlists and Sensor Boards

by Benjamin H

In this update: V3 has playlists, and see how Sensor Boards are manufactured!


New feature time! Playlists give you control over patterns in a sequence. Set how long each should run for, drag and drop to arrange them however you like! Combine with the button, external signal, or UI controls to create triggered sequences.

You can use just the patterns you want, and you can include the same pattern multiple times. Supports controls for stop, restart, rewind, or advance to the next pattern. The built-in button will advance to the next pattern when a playlist is active. This can be connected to an external signal as well!

Check out the sneak peek video here:

Production Begins

TP has been hard at work building Sensor Expansion Boards last week. I got some video so you can see how the magic is made.

Panels made up of several smaller PCBs are run through a stencil to apply solder paste, then components are placed with a Pick And Place machine, which we’ve named Murphy. Panels are then soldered in a reflow oven, then programmed, tested, and final assembly and packaging & kitting takes place.

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