Pixelblaze V3

A Wi-Fi-enabled, live-codable LED controller with a web-based development environment

Jan 22, 2021

Project update 8 of 11

Shipping soon!

by Benjamin H

Everything is tested and packaged up, and on the way to Crowd Supply’s warehouse for final distribution. Scratch that, the tracking just updated and the package has arrived at the warehouse!

Of course all the folks that operate the warehouse still have work to intake the product, check their lists, and package everything up.

This means orders will begin shipping soon. Please take this time to check your delivery address, and update it through your Crowd Supply account if needed.

Updating your shipping address helps avoid delays and get your orders shipped successfully. Once your order details have been sent out by the warehouse team for processing, it can be hard or impossible to re-route a shipment.

Please contact Crowd Supply Support with any shipping questions or concerns.

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