Hexabitz Modular Electronics

Nature-mimicking electronic prototyping that's modular, hardy, and 3-dimensional

Jun 15, 2018

Project update 9 of 11

State of The Module

Here we are.. Audit time :)

We want to share with you our current progress and plans as shown in the timeline below.

  1. Hardware: The progress is pretty good so far. We have 35 different module hardware designs finished. 14 of them will be released in this campaign and the remaining ones after that, when firmware and testing are done. We have ambitious plans to finish about 50 hardware designs by the end of this year. Although we’re not doing any hardware development at the moment to focus on other project needs, we think this goal is achievable.

  2. Module Firmware: We have 7 module code repositories published, plus one for the BOS (and one for third party drivers). This covers almost all modules in this campaign except the speaker and sensor hub modules. We already started developing firmware for these two but code is not ready yet for public release. There are also a few Factsheets missing that hopefully will get done in the next few weeks. In general, firmware development and testing take LOTS of time as we have to start from scratch to accommodate the new Hexabitz architecture.

  3. Backend Firmware: Most of the BOS code is in place for launch. There are mainly two features that we want to add in the next few months: updating communication buffers into circular buffers to increase robustness and adding a module parameter/variable feature so that you can easily access a value/variable of a particular module (e.g., temperature value of a temperature sensor). We’re also planning to look into a custom bootloader that helps in mass firmware updates.

  4. Demo Projects: We are clearly behind on this as we’re focusing on firmware dev for the remaining modules. We will post next week a Bluetooth control demo using a smartphone app to control different types of arrays. Hopefully, there will be more demo projects and examples with time and we’re looking forward for community participation!

We also have awesome updates coming to the website hopefully sometime next week, and a surprise announcement that we hope you will all love!

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