The Men's Riding Coat

An urban bike commuter coat designed for the whole day, offering a functional alternative to sport-oriented cycle wear

Oct 20, 2014

Project update 2 of 2

Thank You for your Support

Dear supporters,

THANK YOU for backing our project!
As you probably know by now, we didn’t reach our goal, but we are so grateful for your support of this campaign, of the coat design, and of our mission in general. We’re of course bummed that we didn’t make it, but we’re really encouraged by your endorsement of our efforts.

What we learned:
Part of the reason we wanted to do a crowd-funding campaign was to test the market and the design for this coat. What we learned: "He’s just not that into us." =) i.e., this coat wasn’t quite the home run we thought it might be.

But it was our goal to determine this before we sunk money into production. Based on feedback we received and the low expressed interest in the campaign, we’ve decided not to invest in the production of this coat.

Looking ahead:
We will re-focus our energy toward the female rider, who is faced with a dearth of suitable bike-friendly fashion offerings. Our Women’s Riding Coat continues to do very well, and we plan to build on this success.

Thank you again for your vote of confidence, and to everyone who helped to spread the word for this campaign. We deeply appreciate all your help and encouragement!

Feel free to get in touch, and we hope to see you at the shop soon. Sincerely,
Aldan and Juliette

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