The Men's Riding Coat

An urban bike commuter coat designed for the whole day, offering a functional alternative to sport-oriented cycle wear

Oct 01, 2014

Project update 1 of 2

Hello to our Backers!

Thank you to everyone who has pledged support for our campaign so far. We so appreciate your vote of confidence and the validation that this coat design makes sense for urban bicycling. Today marks the halfway point for our campaign, which means we have about 2 weeks to meet our funding goal.

A few thoughts/reminders:

We’re in the press! We think this new coat is great, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these terrific posts about the coat from three sources who spend a lot of time thinking about bikes:

New incentive levels! We’re introducing two new pledge levels: ‘Everything but the coat’ - All the existing pledge premiums except for the coat. $125 ‘Everything and the coat’ - All the existing pledge premiums including the coat. $360

We hope these new levels will make sense for supporters who A) like the project but don’t need a new coat, or B) want it all.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement so far. Please help us get the word out for this project so we can bring this design to reality. We’ll be back with another update in the next week!

Sincerely, Hub and Bespoke (Aldan and Juliette)

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