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Security Aspects of Husarion Platform

It’s not enough that your robot simply connect to the internet. It should be connected securely, so no one has an access to your devices without your approval.

At Husarion we address your robot’s security in a few different areas:

a) Connection between CORE2 and cloud platform - every single message is encrypted and full SSL protocol is implemented, both for CORE2 and CORE2-ROS.

b) Your cloud account and code execution - JavaScript code that powers the user interface is executed in a separate sandbox for each robot. When you compile code in the Web IDE, the compilation also takes place in a sandbox. Working in sandboxes guarantees that users cannot affect the operation of the server or other user accounts.

c) Robot sharing settings - security needn’t mean that only you can use your robots. Thanks to sharing settings you can share your robots with your friends for a fixed amount of time (a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, … or forever) and with specified access rights (read-only, full control etc.). After you select the access rights, you can decide how you will share your robot.

There are two ways:

  1. Through a “magic link” - anyone who has the link can access the robot - even without an account at
  2. Sharing only to users. With this option, your friends see your robot at their robot list, and even can change it’s firmware if you give them liberal access rights.

d) Web console to CORE2-ROS: you can access Linux console of your CORE2-ROS from your user account. It doesn’t matter which network your robot is connected to. The connection is done using the project that provides a secure and effortless VPN setup between your computer and your CORE2-ROS.

e) Run air-gapped robots: the most security sensitive robots can be operated without any access to the internet at all, thanks to our offline SDK.

You don’t need to be an internet technologies expert to be able to manage your CORE2 based robots online without worrying about an unauthorized access to your devices. You can focus just on your robotics application instead.

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Product Choices



CORE2 controller + wireless module with ESP32 + lifetime access to Husarion Cloud.



CORE2 controller + Raspberry Pi 3 / ASUS Tinker Board + acrylic glass bottom plate + microSD card with our Linux image with ROS + standoffs and screws + lifetime access to Husarion Cloud. If you have your own Single Board Computer, choose “without SBC” and you will receive the kit prepared to assemble your computer.



Adapter that allows connecting CORE2 or CORE2-ROS with LEGO® Mindstorms. Includes ten cables (4x20 cm, 4x35 cm, 2x50 cm) to connect LEGO® sensors and motors, 2 acrylic plates with holes for LEGO® bricks, stand-offs and screws required to connect everything together.


CORE2 Telepresence Robot

A complete kit to build your own telepresence robot in minutes. It includes a CORE2 controller (with ESP32), two DC motors with encoders and wheels, one servo motor, an MPU-9250 inertial measurement unit (IMU), and an acrylic chassis with an adjustable holder for a small tablet (not included).



Assembled robot with all the stuff you need to learn and develop ROS projects. Includes: CORE2-ROS controller with ASUS Tinker Board, 4x DC motor with encoders and wheels, metal chassis, battery pack for 18650 batteries, camera, RPLIDAR A2 360°, IMU (MPU-9250), four distance sensors from Sharp


Servo Controller for CORE2

A module for CORE2 that allows you to connect 12 additional RC servos. It communicates with CORE2 using hSensor interface. Maximum of four servo controllers can be connected to one hSensor port - which means you can control up to 102 servos from one CORE2.



We create the easy-to-use hardware, software, and cloud tools you need to prototype and manufacture robots and manage them in the field.

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