Naturally Empowered Day Planner

A day planner/journal combo to give you more time while promoting healthy habits and routines.

Nov 26, 2016

Project update 2 of 5

Releasing 50 Faux Leather Planners

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I just wanted to say thank you again for your amazing support with this project! With your help we’re getting very close to our stretch goal of $15k & over the moon to give you the great perks that come along with it when we get there!

We wanted to give you a little something special for the holidays, so we worked with our manufacturer on a second cover material. We are releasing a limited run of 50 faux matte leather planners. They are a great addition to the original linen planner with gold stamping. The faux leather planner has a blind stamp (shown below) for a more understated, simple look. We are offering it for the same price as the linen planner $35.

Take a look at the sample photos below. Maybe someone on your holiday list would love one our our limited edition, limited run planners! 9 more days to go before our campaign closes!!! Please share with all of your friends and family that would enjoy!

Thanks again everyone!

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