Naturally Empowered Day Planner

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A day planner/journal combo to give you more time while promoting healthy habits and routines.

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Dec 05 2016
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With the Naturally Empowered Day Planner, create time for the things that are most important to you while staying organized & balanced. Made in Michigan, by a wellness coach with sustainability & your happiness in mind.

Just in time for the holidays & the New Year.

It’s Go Time.

It’s that time of year where we reevaluate what’s most important to us & resolve to start living in line with our goals. This is not always an easy task and for most, it ends with feelings of disappointment. Not anymore! With the 2017 EMPOWERED DAY PLANNER, expect greatness! Each and every day there is an opportunity for you to be the director of your life & with this planner in hand, turn opportunity into reality.

It’s Not Just a Day Planner.

Within these pages you will find tools and inspiration to help you realize your goals. These tools will aid your focus & commitment, resulting in the most abundant year yet! This combination planner & journal, created by Wellness Coach Stephanie Popso has been tested & reworked for 3+ years to give each planner owner exactly what they need to feel and be their best daily.

Organizational tools, wellness tips, accountability, gratitude practices & techniques to form healthy habits & routines will be the rock solid foundation that will make fitting in what’s most important to you a breeze.

When you crack open your brand new planner, you begin a new chapter. You’re committing to give yourself more of what you need.

  • You’ll ponder & daydream about your 2017 goals and affirm them in writing.
  • Get examples of how to fill out a planner page
  • Read my sample page for ideas

At the beginning of each week, you will find a ‘check-in page’ to:

  • Set your weekly goals
  • Acquire a wellness tip from me
  • Ponder an impactful quote from someone I admire.

Each and every day you will be greeted with prompts & tools to help you focus on what’s most important to you while taking on the day with grace:

  • A daily mantra to set the stage
  • A daily gratitude exercise
  • 3 action steps to realize your weekly goals
  • An area to fill in your daily appointments
  • A reflection area to write down your self care, physical activity, and vibrant foods for the day!

All of this can be done in about 3 minutes a day. You will also gain access to our private Facebook community to share & receive tips, tools, recipes & support.

Making a habit of starting the day with the 2017 Empowered Day Planner helps the owner get into healthy routines & a positive mindset while keeping their ducks in a row. Here’s your invite to join our movement & claim your Empowered Planner!

Imagine the possibilities.

Who Needs It and Why?

Anyone that wants to be healthier, happier & more organized.

  1. Entrepreneurs & Business people can plan their day while fitting in prep, healthy meals, exercise and self care.
  2. High school & college kids can keep sports & extracurricular activities in order while staying mentally balanced.
  3. Parents can keep track of their appointments as well as their children while fostering a healthy mindset & self care.

Features & Specifications

  • Black linen hard cover (for durability) with gold embossing
  • Pocket inside the cover to store important papers
  • 2017 goals worksheet
  • Monthly 2017 calendars
  • Explanation & example pages
  • Black ribbon place-holder
  • Weekly wellness tips & inspirational quotes
  • 2018 at a glance
  • Perforated and unperforated blank sheets in the back
  • 30% recycled paper
  • Soy ink
  • Printed & manufactured in Michigan
  • 264 pages of pure magic...

Manufacturing Plan

Once we reach our goal, we will start printing & have these amazing planners to you before the holidays!

Our goal of $5,000 will ensure we place a minimum order quantity of 300 planners.

Risks & Challenges

Our biggest challenge is meeting our goal while staying on deadline so we can deliver these planners to you in time for the holidays. But we love a good challenge :)


I am Naturally Empowered

Some may lust their whole life for health & happiness. Others go out & find it. Welcome to Naturally Empowered. Expect growth.

Stephanie Popso

Project Founder & Creator

Mike Popso




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