Naturally Empowered Day Planner

A day planner/journal combo to give you more time while promoting healthy habits and routines.

Dec 15, 2016

Project update 4 of 5

Production Update

Hello Friends!

If you are reading this, you’ll be happy to know we made it to the production stage for the 2017 Empowered Planner! Thank you for purchasing, sharing & recommending this amazing tool to your friends, family, co-workers and social networks!

Since you helped us reach our stretch goal of 15k, as promised you will be receiving 2 extra perks per month: 1 video recipe & 1 coaching video going over wellness tips for the month!

I had been waiting to send out this update so I could give you a shipping update as well. Our ship date was slated for December 19th, but our manufacturer (Thomson Shore out of Dexter, MI) just moved it back (since we are the little guys) to the end of December. I asked if there was anything they could do for us, as I know many of us want to give out the planners as holiday gifts, including myself. They assured me they would do anything in their power to finish with production & start shipping ASAP. I have been in contact with the director and he promised the same. It is my hope for all people being gifted this planner that they will understand and be ok with receiving their gift a little late, after learning that it was part of a successful crowdfunding campaign and being printed and bound in not only the USA, but Michigan!

I designed a little note to be placed in a holiday card, letting your friend, family member or colleague know that they have an extra special gift on it’s way. This way you can still ‘give’ them something. See the example below & find the PDF/printable version on my website.

I have asked for photos of the production process so we can see all of the different steps as it happens and the manufacturer said they will try to take some photos. In the meantime, if there is anything you need feel free to contact me! I will soon be sending out invites to the private Facebook group & posting extra content!

Thank you again for your patience and understanding! I absolutely can’t wait to share 2017 with you! It will be our best year yet!

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