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The finger-tip sized ARM Cortex-M4F module with BT 5, BT Mesh, and 30 I/O

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New fingertip-size module based on the nRF52840!

by Nguyen Hoan H

Dear Backers,

It’s been a while, and I haven’t posted an update in a while. I hope you are doing well and staying healthy in this time of crisis and I thank you for all your support in the past.

I’d like to take the occasion to announce that we are launching another project on Crowd Supply! BLYST840 is a new fingertip size module based on the nRF52840. We are seeking for your support again for this campaign, and you can learn all about BLYST840 at the campaign page. Thank you very much.

Wish you all health and prosperity,


About the Author

Nguyen Hoan H

kytcath  ·  hnhoan  ·   Brossard, Canada

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Product Choices


BLYST Nano x 2

Two BLYST Nano modules.


BLYST Nano Exploration Kit

Two BLYST Nano modules, one DIP32 Breakout Board (assembled with BLYST Module), one Sensor Board (assembled with BLYST Module), and an IDAP-Link CMSIS-DAP Debug JTAG. This is the perfect starter kit.


BLYST Nano Breakout

One fully assembled DIP32 Breakout Board with BLYST Nano module.


BLYST Nano Sensor

One fully assembled Sensor Board with BLYST Nano module.



This a CMSIS-DAP Debug JTAG board for programming and debugging any ARM Cortex-M series supported the the IDE. Compatible with most IDE such as Keil, CrossWorks, Eclipse (requires OpenOCD), Arduino (require OpenOCD), etc ... It can used for production parallel programming of any Nordic nRF5 series SoC.


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Nguyen Hoan Hoang

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